2013 Results

Date Results Title Web Doc
January 6SDR Time Trial - Streets of Willow
January 27SDR Time Trial - Chuckwalla
April 7California Festival of Speed
May 5LVR/GPX Club Race/DE/Time Trial - Spring Mountain
June 9GPX/SGVR Time Trial - Pomona
September 22SDR Time Trial - Willow Springs
October 20SDR Time Trial - Chuckwalla
October 27GPX Time Trial - Pomona
November 17SDR Time Trial - Buttonwillow
2013 Standings

2013 Class Winners

Class 944Spec
1st Place Chuck Sharp, San Diego
2nd Place Debby Sharp, San Diego
3rd Place David Diamond, San Diego

Class CC05
1st Place Paul Young, San Diego
2nd Place William Ripka, San Diego

Class CC06
1st Place Dan Hockett, Grand Prix
2nd Place Dave Hockett, Grand Prix

Class CC07
1st Place Glenn Orton, San Gabriel Valley

Class CC08
1st Place Dennis Power, Santa Barbara
2nd Place Rochelle Booth, Grand Prix

Class CC09
1st Place Mark Rondeau, San Diego
2nd Place Steve Grosekemper, San Diego
3rd Place Greg Phillips, San Diego

Class CC10
1st Place Don Middleton, San Diego
2nd Place Jerry Hoffman, San Diego

Class CC11
1st Place Daniel Carusillo, San Diego
2nd Place Philip Strong, San Diego
3rd Place Craig Booth, Grand Prix

Class CC12
1st Place Neil Heimburge, San Diego

Class CC14
1st Place Jim Binford, San Diego
2nd Place Michael Brown, San Diego