PCA Club Racing in Zone 8

West Coast Series

The West Coast Series (WCS) began in 2014 as a measure to heighten PCA Club Racing on the west coast. Eight races ran in 2014 & 2015, and all included very well attended Driver’s Education or Time Trial events with a great range of modified and high performance cars in attendance. In 2016 there were 9 races in the series, and we are hoping to have at least that many moving forward.

For more information regarding the West Coast PCA Championship Series, look here: http://wcs.pca.org or contact the series coordinator Suesan Carter.

PCA Club Racing is an organized race series for Porsche owners. The rules are similar to vintage racing. While it is amateur racing, it is true wheel-to-wheel racing and is therefore only for qualified drivers, just like the professionals.

Club Racing was established around several guiding principles. First, there should be a class for all Porsche sports cars, including both street and modified cars. Second, the racing is to be fun, safe, and clean. Third, the organization and operation of Club Races is to be uniform, so that any racer may attend any Club Race and know exactly what to expect.

It is the combination of national rules, national licensing, the national committee, and the enthusiastic and dedicated host Region personnel that has allowed Club Racing to build a strong racing program while rigorously adhering to these principles. Further, it is the belief of the PCA Executive Council and all those involved with Club Racing that continued adherence to these principles is the basis for continuing success in the future.

The gateway to club racing is the DE and Time Trial program. The mission and purpose of these is to provide a safe, structured, and controlled teaching and learning environment on the big track. But when you are ready for club racing, club racing is ready for you!

For more information, see the National Club Racing web site

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