A rally is a an exercise in following directions. You are given a set of instructions that describe the route you should follow and the average speeds you should try to maintain over each section of the course. Cars travel independently, leaving the start at intervals of one minute.

Checkpoints are located along the route at unspecified locations to time your arrival. If you were to maintain the assigned speeds perfectly, you would reach each checkpoint exactly on time. One point is assigned for each .01 minute you are early or late at a checkpoint. The goal is to keep your score as low as possible.

Most rallies use interesting roads that are off the beaten path. Rallymasters attempt to create courses that are scenic and fun to drive, as well as stimulating to the mind.

Rallying requires teamwork. Every car must have two occupants, called the driver and the navigator. In most teams, the navigator reads the instructions to the driver and helps to look for signs and landmarks. Some experienced teams have equipment that allows the driver to read the instructions while the navigator calculates time, distance, and average speeds.

Rallies use a vocabulary of precisely defined terms. In Zone 8, we operate under a set of Rally Rules, so the terms and conventions are the same for all Zone 8 rallies. Some rallies incorporate traps, designed to induce small timing errors if you fail to follow the rules precisely. However, traps are never intended to get anyone lost, nor to require any unsafe driving.

Contestants run in different Rally Classes, based on their experience and the type of navigational equipment they choose to use. This allows beginners and experts to compete in the same event while allowing both to place well in their respective classes.

Rally Requirements
Rallies require a driver and a navigator. Bring Driver Licence, current registration, and proof of insurance. Non-members and all types of cars are welcome. Minors (under 18) may ride or navigate, but must be accompanied by a parent and bring a special form pre-signed by both parents.