Social Media Policy

Zone 8 Social Media sites are designed to promote inter-region unity by highlighting the many different members and activities in the Regions around the Zone. Through promoting upcoming events and highlighting ongoing events, users have a window to Zone 8.

PCA members are invited to share photos, discuss and comment on topics of general interest to PCA members relating to club activities and general enjoyment of Porsches. All messages posted must include the full name of the posting individual.

Messages containing offensive or abusive language, which are personal attacks or critical in nature of individual club members, or disparage any product, company, or individual, are inappropriate.

All Zone 8 social media avenues will embrace the PCA Code of Ethics and Conduct. Especially “we treat neither fellow members nor non-members in a way that is demeaning, embarrassing, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate."

Any posts that the Zone 8 Staff deem harmful to the National PCA, any Zone, any Region or any individuals will be deleted

No postings concerning for sale or items-wanted shall be permitted.The Zone 8 Staff may establish reasonable restrictions on length, style, and frequency of messages. The Zone 8 Staff may edit or remove messages as necessary to ensure posting restrictions are adhered to.

The Zone 8 Staff will warn members who violate the posting restrictions. Repeat offenders may be denied access to the social media sites.

When information is posted from other sources, the user must ensure that the author and source have granted permission for doing so. This is especially important when posting information from secondary sources. The postings should credit the author and the original source, and should include the source’s copyright notice if required.